The Nashville NightShade is made possible by the following generous community sponsors.

Red Bicycle

Red Bicycle Coffee is a boutique gourmet coffee company located in Nashville, TN. There are currently three locations in Nashville. All stores serve high-end roasted coffee, a variety of both savory and sweet crepes and sandwiches. Although the concept and original store was developed in North Carolina, Red Bicycle Coffee has been a Nashville institution since 2013.

The owner of Red Bicycle is the owner of the Nashville NightShade team and was instrumental in getting the team off the ground last year. We will continue working with Red Bicycle as a team sponsor and post-game social location this year.

Nashville Ultimate Machine

Nashville Ultimate Machine (NUM) fosters the sport of Ultimate Frisbee by providing opportunities to learn, play, and teach spirited Ultimate in the greater Nashville area. NUM operates as an official nonprofit with a 501(c)(7) status.  Funds raised through our events go back into the local ultimate community supporting all levels and ages of play.

The Nashville NightShade will partner up with NUM this year to support women’s ultimate locally through leading clinics and local pickup nights.


Shatterproof Media

Shatterproof Media combines a diverse group of experienced photographers, videographers, computer programmers, designers, and event specialists who came together with a singular purpose - to take your event to the next level with the best photographic entertainment services and data collection available.

Our veteran team cut their teeth on high-level events of all types, from celebrity engagements to large volume sporting events. We are always preparing for the next challenge, wherever in the world that may be. And this year, we are happy to find that next challenge sitting in our own backyard! 

Shatterproof Media will be providing professional photo booths and a photographer at each NightShade home game for the 2019 season. Our objective - give fans the (free!!!) opportunity to have fun and make memories just like the players on the field, but without all the sweat and mud and stuff. And no layouts. Unless you want to!

Liz Clayton Fuller

Liz is an artist born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. As far back as she can remember she has loved two things most of all, art and nature. Liz combined her two great passions and became a scientific illustrator with a particular affinity for watercolor and birds.

She documents each of her subjects with the wonder of first discovery and attempt to convey her awe of the natural world in each painting. Liz’s hope is that her art will inspire others to connect with nature in a profound way just as she has through her paintings.

Liz partnered with the NightShade this season to create a new jersey element, a true rendition of the nightshade flower and plant. You will find her original drawings on our white and dark jerseys.

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