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Team Mission

Our mission is to pioneer a sustainable professional womxn's* ultimate program. We strive to increase equity in the sport, enhance the visibility of womxn’s ultimate, create strong role models, and compete at the highest level while maintaining the spirit of the game.

*We use the term womxn to be inclusive of all womxn and non-binary people. We seek non-binary people as well as transgender and cisgender women to be players, volunteers, and employees of the NightShade.

Meet the Leadership Team

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Liz Barnes, Team Captain

Liz was first introduced to ultimate in her home town, Cleveland, TN, where 10 v 10 pickup games were the norm. She moved to Chattanooga in 2014 to attend UTC. In hopes of finding a women's team, she stumbled upon the men's ultimate booth at a club fair. After a semester of playing with the men's team, Liz decided to revive and captain the UTC Women's Ultimate team (Moxie). She was Moxie's first ever Callahan nominee in 2018 and made the All-Region Second Team. Her club experience includes Nooga by Nature (2015), Encore (2016, 2017) and ‘Shine (2018). She and Colleen Wright captained the inaugural 2018 NightShade team. Liz recently moved to Nashville to immerse herself in the ultimate community. She is honored and ecstatic to captain NightShade in their second season. It may be difficult to spot Liz, due to her imposing 5'1" stature; look for the girl who is always dancing. Liz loves children and wants to hold yours, don't make this weird. 


Mariana Rodriguez, Team Captain

Mariana was introduced to ultimate in the Spring of 2011. Her club experience includes playing for DeSoto, including one Nationals appearance (2010), Old #7, including a second place finish at mixed masters nationals (2018), and 'Shine. Mariana played on the inaugural 2018 NightShade team and is super stoked to be a captain for the 2019 squad. In addition to her love for ultimate, Mariana is passionate about rock climbing, hiking, and all things outdoors. She is originally from Caracas, Venezuela but has called Nashville home for 10 years.


Victor Wu, Head Coach

Victor is a native Tennessean and first learned to play ultimate while in Nashville at Vanderbilt University before moving to Atlanta for graduate school. In Atlanta, Victor co-founded and captained Bucket from 2008 to 2012 making USAU Nationals in all 5 seasons that he captained. Victor also played with Ambiguously Grey in Washington in 2014 and 2015 enjoying another nationals run with his new friends from the District. While Victor still dabbles in playing competitive ultimate and an occasional masters tournament, he prefers to reminisce about the good ol' days while purposefully mis-remembering his moments of athletic glory that likely never happened. Victor is ecstatic and honored to be a part of the Nashville NightShade as the head coach and give back to the ultimate community that first taught him to love the game. 


Jake Wright, Assistant Coach

Jake was born and raised in Nashville, TN (which is rare these days!). He first started playing Ultimate Frisbee in high school in 2005. After 4 years playing in various HS and college tournaments, Jake went to Wake Forest University where he continued playing, captaining his junior and senior year. 

Upon returning to Nashville, Jake played with Tanasi from 2009 – 2013, making Nationals in 2010 and 2011. Since then, Jake has played with Ironmen (2014), NME (2015), Sour Mash (2016 – 2017), and ‘Shine (2018). He also played all 4 year of Nashville NightWatch, setting the franchise single-season record for goals (53) in 2016.

This will be Jake’s first time as a coach (previous encounters have been in a more volunteer capacity with local schools).

In his free time, Jake enjoys lounging, movies, working on home projects, and food.


Colleen Wright, General Manager

Colleen grew up in a suburb of Nashville and learned to play ultimate in 2002 from her older brother. She went on to play varsity soccer at Rhodes College before playing DeSoto/Encore for eight seasons, captaining the team to one Nationals appearance. She and Liz Barnes captained the inaugural 2018 NightShade team. Colleen serves as Board Chair for the Nashville Ultimate Machine and team manager for the 2019 NightShade organization. She lives in Nashville with her husband, Jake Wright. In her free time, she loves making homemade bread, wakesurfing, and doing home renovations. Colleen is a fierce competitor who was destined to play ultimate with a maiden name of Callaghan (pronounced Callahan).


Amy Schlabach, General Manager

Amy Schlabach brings over a decade of ultimate experience to the team. She started playing frisbee during her freshman year at Boston University and captained for 2 years. Since then she has planned many youth clinics, tryouts, and tournaments as well as captained her fair share of club teams, including Safari (San Diego) and Encore (Nashville). Outside of ultimate, Amy works in marketing and is passionate about making people laugh, spending time with her husband and baby, and drinking delicious beer. Spending time on both coasts has really taught her when to bring her East Coast perspective and when to use her West Coast vibe. She is stoked for the season and can't wait to show her daughter her professional trading card one day. 

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David Trett, Team Owner

David Trett is the owner of the Nashville NightShade and was instrumental in getting professional womxn’s ultimate off the ground in 2018. He played for the Nashville Nightwatch in its first season and owned the team in its last season (2018). Dave also owns the Red Bicycle, a boutique gourmet coffee company located in Nashville, TN, that has three locations. He enjoys playing golf and hanging with his dog, Tilly.


Jenn Stewart, Team Consultant

Although Jenn did not grow up in Nashville, she started her ultimate career here 12 years ago as a member of the Vanderbilt women's team - VUDU. Jenn played with and captained VUDU during her college career, and, after getting the most out of her college eligibility, stepped into a coaching role in 2013. Jenn has played with several women's club teams based out of Nashville, TN (DeSoto, Encore). Jenn is honored to have played for the Nightshade during the inaugural season last year, and is very excited to move into a coaching role this year. Along with her ultimate experience, Jenn brings a psychological mindset and ability to connect with people to the coaching staff. In her free time, Jenn is working to finish up her PhD in Clinical Psychology and, with the help of her husband, to keep up with her 18 month old daughter. 


Chris Calhoun, Team Consultant

Chris (aka Krim) is a Nashville native and was first exposed to ultimate in 2012, playing after high school cross country practices. Falling in love with the sport, he continued playing throughout college at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

His club experience includes playing for Nashville Blade, Knoxville Voodoo, Asheville Cahoots, Knoxville Crush, and most recently, qualifying for Nationals with Atlanta Chain Lightning. Chris also played with the Nashville Nightwatch in 2018, leading the team in goals for the season.

Outside of ultimate, Chris enjoys playing board games, reading, dancing, and exploring new places. He is incredibly excited to help support NightShade achieve their goals for the 2019 season and beyond.